Over the years, as a therapist, I have seen many clients go in and out my doors. Each client with a specific condition, problem, or maybe just high stress causing other issues. Some clients would get an overall experience of “feeling better”. However, the large majority of clients who were receiving massage at regular intervals not only got immediate pain relief but when they did get pain, the pain would be less intense. Eventually, for the vast majority of the clients, the pain would go away. So, I decided to do a bit of research to find out just about how true this was. Were my clients really no longer taking medications to control their pain and simply doing massage? If so where was this magic of mine coming from? Here were a few things I came across just from just a few of the many links I had. For further research on massage therapy and its benefits see AMTA or ABMP

Studies have shown:
– Regular massage on cancer patients had significant decrease of anxiety on cancer patients
– Migraine headaches had a significant decrease that were muscle related
– Different types of back pain along with corrective exercise almost completely diminished the pain
– It was more significant to receive an Acupressure Massage from a therapist with experience than to receive a general Swedish Massage

Therese Ippolito L.M.T, Director of Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork at NutriFormance