What can you eat?  All foods not containing gluten. Fruit, vegetables, most dairy, meat, fish and poultry (not battered, breaded or marinated), beans, seeds and nuts and grains not including the gluten protein (amaranth, buckwheat, cornmeal, rice, flax, etc).

What can’t you eat?  Any grain based product containing the gluten protein. Includes wheat, barley (malt or malt flavoring from barley), rye and triticale (a cross between wheat and rye). Any foods made in a factory with gluten containing grains.


-For people with Celiac disease  (disease where body cannot digest gluten), it relieves symptoms and complications.

-Can promote intake of less refined foods.


-Difficult to follow if you don’t have to.

-Restricts people without Celiac disease from otherwise healthy foods.

-Gluten-free substitution foods can be higher in calories than gluten containing foods and cause weight gain.

-Nutrient deficiencies for nutrients found primarily in grains.