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This month, Johnny Johnson, Sports Performance Coach and Personal Trainer joins Kim Wallis and Emily Bailey to share his total body football inspired workout recently featured by Self Magazine. The speed and agility training done by athletes will help you burn calories and stay strong through the holidays. Not to mention, exercise can help reduce stress during this hectic time of year! See the video demo and written workout below:

VIDEO: FnF Football Workout Demo

10-12 reps of each static strength exercise

  • Knee hug to lunge
  • Hip cradle to single leg RDL
  • Side to side lunge
  • Push up with tap
  • Squat jumps
  • Wall abs

Timed cardio drills. 30 secs work to 30 secs rest x 4

  • After 1st set: pro agility
  • After 2nd set: shuffle to sprint
  • After 3rd set: L-cone drill

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