Fascia is a spider web-like connective tissue. Much like bones and muscles, fascia keeps the integrity of your body’s structure. Fascia is does not have a starting or stopping point, but it flows continuously throughout the body. Unlike all other connective tissue fascia permeates everything. Fascia is involved in holding together your organs, nerve bundles, and even connects your skin to muscles.

Fascia is made mostly of collagen which gives it resilience and freedom to move and change.  When your body experiences a trauma your fascia adapts to give support to the areas in need. Fascia tends to run in lines, think I.T. band. Fascia also binds in a saran wrap like way, think peritoneum, which is deep to your abdominals holding your intestines together.

The question is why does it matter?

The short answer is without it you would fall apart!

In a massage therapist’s world, another school of thought is you can alter the fascia holding your entire body together if you know what direction to it needs to be pulled. Ultimately you can make changes in the neck by pulling on your big toe! If fascia moves to protect your body from the trauma it experiences, then can you release years of chronic pain by stretching the fascia that has been affected?

Research on facia is very limited but if you are one of the many people who have been given pain relief through myofascial work, Rolfing, core care bodywork, and limited other massage techniques then the answer is with a doubt, yes!