Panera Power Almond Quinoa Bowl and 160z low fat milk latte

(nutrition: 420 calories, 21% fat, 16g protein, 52g carbs)

Morning Snack

Smoothie King 20oz Lean 1 Chocolate Protein Smoothie

(nutrition 310 calories, 35% fat, 19g protein, 38g carbs, 16g sugar)


Sugarfire Smokehouse Smoked Turkey Sandwich

(nutrition: 424 calories, 29% fat, 53g protein, 21g carbs)


Brio Tuscan Grill Grilled Salmon Fresca with grilled asparagus, sweet potatoes, spinach, roasted peppers, pesto vinaigrette, feta, diced tomatoes, and balsamic glaze

(nutrition: 500 calories, 27% fat, 30g protein, 30g carbs)


Brio Tuscan Grill 1/4 serving of Tiramisu (split between 4 people)

(nutrition: 132 calories, 75% fat, .1g protein, 6g carbs

Total Nutrition for the day: 1800 calories, 31% fat, 118g protein, 147g carbs