Concession stands are a convenient food source for many fun summertime events. However, many of these food options include high fat, high sugar, high salt and low fiber foods.  You should be able to enjoy those baseball games, concerts, and amusement parks without too much worrying about nutrition.

Nutrition Tips to keep in mind:

–     Watch the condiments. Try mustard, vinegar, or oil-based dressings to add flavor.

–     “Fat-free” and “low-fat” don’t always equal low sugar or low calorie

–     Ask about lean meat options such as turkey brats, veggie/turkey burgers, or low-fat beef

–     Quench your thirst with some water- thirst can be misconstrued for hunger many times. 

Sporting events and concerts are good times to stand up, walk around, and cheer/socialize at the same time! If you’re afraid of missing something, walk at half time, in between innings, or intermission.