Learn your individual hunger & satiety cues and never count calories again!

0. Empty; low blood sugar symptoms: light-headed, dizzy, nauseous, headache

1. Ravenous; h-angry, you are so hungry you are angry. Very cranky and can’t concentrate

2. Over hungry; so hungry you want to order and eat everything on the menu. Eyes are bigger than your stomach

3. Hunger pangs; physical hunger=it’s time to eat. Stomach growls, pangs, sloshing, etc

4. Hunger awakens; begin planning meal or snack

5. Neutral; H.A.L.T-Hungry=food. Angry/Anxious/stressed does not equal food. Lonely/bored does not equal food. Tired/dehydrated does not equal food.

6. Just satisfied; lean cuisine eater. Has not consumed enough for satisfaction

7. Completely satisfied; physically satisfied. Had balance of protein/fat/carbs.

  1. Start with single portions.
  2. Eat slowly- takes your stomach 20 minutes to signal it is satisfied. Research shows we eat in 12. That’s 8 more minutes of eating=stuffed.

8. Full; increase likelihood of overeating, “3 meals a day eater”, or eat at noon because it’s “lunch time”.

9. Stuffed; uncomfortably full. Need to unbutton your pants.

10. Sick; food coma. Feel sick you’re so full.

If you wait until you are too hungry the more you are likely to over eat.

Try to avoid the extremes and when they are unavoidable.

It takes 15g of carb (1 serving), 15 minutes to recover low blood sugar.