1. Overall healthier lifestyle. Cooking and eating at home is overall healthier. Even with healthier menu options, foods at home have less sodium, saturated fat, and healthier poritons

2. Family Time. You get to spend time together shopping, preparing (learning how to cook), and eating together.

3. You know what you are eating. Not just thinking about what they used as marinade or flavor etc. But also thinking about if you have food allergies.

4. Decrease temptation. If you are trying to lose weight, it is important to be portion conscious as well as choose healthy overall. When we eat out we are more likely to have the bread basket, appetizer, alcohol, entree and dessert. When eating at home there is overall less food.

5. Education. You can explore different ways to prepare foods. Try new spices. Digest the food label and the ingredients in your favorite prodcuts.