With the weather getting warmer, more often than not the patio grills are getting fired up once again. BBQs are a fun part of summer months to enjoy time with friends and family, especially with a few tips to keep your diet in check.

Fewer fatty foods.

  • Pick out lean cuts of meat (sirloins, rounds, fish, chicken)
  • Use avocado, olives, or oils versus creamy Mayo & Ranch

Remember that sides add up!

  • Look for fruit and veggie trays
  • Try salsas and bean dips vs ranch and mayo
  • Everything in moderation! Watch your portion size.

Spot the sodium.

  • Make your own marinades, BBQ sauce and salsas
  • Dip grilled vegetables into your marinade

Substitute whole grains.

  • Swap hot dog rolls, burger buns, pasta, and rice for choices higher in fiber
  • Keep you full faster, longer, and aid in digestion

Make dessert guiltless.

  • Try fresh fruits with yogurt or whipped topping
  • Puddings with berries/bananas
  • Enjoy unfamiliar items in small portions