This month we want you take a break from the scale and realize that you can get creative with your workouts. It’s about quality of time not quantity.  Check out our video for variations of squats, push ups, lunges and some core favorites and YOU choose your cardio intervals for a calorie blasting metabolism boosting workout that will take less than 30 minutes from warm up to cool down.

Each set will consist of 20 reps of the following body weight strength moves. Choose any variation you like. After each set, do 2 minutes of cardio at a moderate to high intensity. Chose one of our suggestions or get creative. Just make sure you get that heart rate up!

Push ups

2 mins cardio: stairs, jump rope, jacks, laps, jog, hills

Repeat the circuit 4-5 times. You can mix up the variations to keep the format fresh and keep your body guessing. Enjoy!