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20 04, 2016

beet, cherry, berry smoothie

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1.5 cups almond milk or apple juice

1-2 small beets

3/4 cup frozen cherries

3/4 cup frozen strawberries

2 cups kale, stems removed and leaves chopped

Peel beets, cut into quarters, add to blender. Add remaining ingredients and blend in a high power blender until smooth.

why BEETS? – rich in natural nitrates, which your body can convert into nitric oxide – nitric oxide tells your blood vessels to relax, opening them up for more blood flow – nitrates from beets not only dilate arteries, but allow your body to extract more energy from oxygen in the blood for HEALTH: – researchers have seen a 10-point systolic blood pressure drop in volunteers within hours of consuming beet juice — an effect that lasted throughout the day

for ATHLETES: -greater endurance while using less oxygen…energy production is more efficient! -men and women eating 1.5 cups beets 75 minutes before racing improved their running performance with less perceived exertion (faster time with less effort!) -maximize athletic performance with 1/2 cup beet juice 2-3 hours before competition

what’s the optimal AMOUNT? – 1/2 cup juice, which is the equivalent of a 15 oz can of beets or 1.5 cups baked beets

Susan Caciano, MS, RD, LD Registered Dietitian + Wellness Coach

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20 04, 2016

Metagenics Vitamin D3 – Are you getting Enough?

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Did you know the current Recommend Daily Allowance for Vitamin D only covers prevention of Ricketts. For bone health, cancer prevention, autoimmune, or injury prevention/healing more than 400IUs of Vitamin D are needed.

Do you limit sun exposure or wear sunscreen/ protective clothing outdoors?

Are you lactose sensitive or avoid enriched dairy products?

Do you limit or avoid foods rich in vitamin D (fish, eggs, mushrooms)?

Are you an athlete recovering from an injury?

Do you take prescription drugs (corticosteroids, calcium antagonists) that can deplete vitamin D?

Do you frequently take products that reduce stomach acid or interfere with fat absorption?

Are you pregnant or nursing?

Are you a “mature” man or postmenopausal woman?

Have you had reoccurring injuries?

Has a blood test revealed that you have low vitamin D levels?

vitamin d3For further questions or to schedule an appointment, contact susanc@NutriFormance.comYou can find the recipes, tips, and meal plans as well as Team RD’s “How to” Video Series on blog.

20 04, 2016


April 20th, 2016|Recipe|Comments Off on Granola

Ingredients:                                                                                                                                         1/4c canola oil                                                                                                                                         1c walnuts (or flax seeds 1.5c if allergic to nuts)                                                                                 2c oats                                                                                                                                                     2c pumpkin seeds                                                                                                                                 2c sunflower seeds                                                                                                                                 1T cinnamon                                                                                                                                           1t allspice                                                                                                                                                   1T nutmeg                                                                                                                                                1t sea salt (optional)                                                                                                                          1/3c maple syrup                                                                                                                                   3c raisins (or another dried fruit of your preference)

Preparation:  Preheat oven to 300 degrees. Spray baking sheets (2-3).

Mix in large bowl nuts, seeds, and oats with canola oil. Spread evenly on baking sheets.  Roast for 20 minutes or until dry.  Careful not to burn.                                                                   Mix dried seed, nut and oat mixture into maple syrup.  In separate bowl, mix spices.  Back in large bowl, toss seeds in spices and mix.  Return mixture to the baking sheets. Roast for 15 minutes.  Careful not to burn.                                                                                                         Cool for 30 minutes and add raisins. Enjoy it on it’s own or mix on yogurt as a great snack or part of a breakfast.

For further questions or to schedule an appointment, contact Susan at

You can find the recipes, tips, and meal plans as well as

Team RD’s “How to” Video Series on blog.

20 04, 2016

Homemade "Ice Cream"

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Snacks are a part of a healthy, balanced intake. Snacks = blood sugar stability.

Indulgences are also part of healthy eating!  If you have a sweet tooth, allow yourself to have the foods you enjoy without judgment.  So here is your treat (not cheat!!!)


2 frozen bananas

1T unsweetened cocoa powder

2T chocolate chips

1/4c milk (almond, soy, coconut), if using a blender

Instructions: put in blender or food processor.  Serve into ramekins. Enjoy now or freeze up to 3-7 days and let sit for 15-20 before eating.

Recipe variations, pretzels, walnuts/cinnamon, nut butter, take out 1 banana and add frozen, chocolate covered pretzels, strawberries)

For further questions or to schedule an appointment, contact Susan at

You can find the recipes, tips, and meal plans as well as

Team RD’s “How to” Video Series on blog.

20 04, 2016

Body Image

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Calories are Energy

  • There is more to food than calories: Taste, texture, color, family time, & enjoyment.
  • There are no “good foods” or “bad foods”
  • Everything is healthy in moderation
  • Indulgences are part of healthy eating.
  • Eating a variety of different foods will provide a balance of all nutrients
  • Be mindful of what you eat but also be open to enjoy the foods you love
  • You are more than just a number!

Weight is just a number

  • Weight is only one part of a variety of different health assessments
  • A better picture of your health status would include measures of strength, body composition, cholesterol, blood glucose & blood pressure
  • Weight is a number that cannot define how healthy you are nor define your worth
  • You are more than a number!

Why diets don’t workdiet cycle

  • Diets don’t teach you how to make healthy food choices a part of your permanent lifestyle
  • Diets are temporary so even if you lose weight initially you are very likely to regain the weight… and then some
  • Diets are very restrictive & you shouldn’t have to miss out on the things you love
  • Fad diets can be harmful to your body and lead to obsessive behaviors in regards to food and fitness

Every BODY is different

  • Your body shape & size are impacted by a variety of factors including genetics, cultural influences, and the environment
  • Your ideal weight is the one that allows you to feel strong, energetic, and view food as fuel
  • Resist the pressure to judge yourself or anyone else based on weight or size

exercise cuz love your body

5 04, 2016

21 Day Plant-Based Challenge

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21 plantbased challenge