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27 08, 2013

Healthy School Lunch Tips

August 27th, 2013|Nutrition|Comments Off on Healthy School Lunch Tips

When time isn’t on your side, the cafeteria may be the only option for lunch. Breathe easy—healthy options can be made at school! Encourage your family to follow similar tips for   filling lunchboxes when they are in the lunch line at school:

1. Choose whole foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains to fill most of your plate. These provide nutrients for energy and have fiber to help keep you full.

2. Choose a low-fat dairy option like skim chocolate milk, yogurt, or string cheese. With protein, calcium, and    carbohydrates these are great snacks to stay fueled and focused for the rest of the school day.

3. Include a protein source like chicken, hamburger, turkey, or eggs to stay full until your afternoon snack.

4. Go easy on packaged foods like cookies and candy since they are higher in added sugar and can lead to an energy spike– followed by big drop. This can lead to poor performance in the classroom!

5. If lunch is from the cafeteria, focus on making home-prepared meals (breakfast, dinner, and snacks) full of quality foods like lean meats, whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy. Make the meals you can create quality ones!

6. Get your family involved in cooking meals and preparing their lunches. This can help encourage them to eat what they bring and help make better choices when they eat at school!

21 08, 2013

A POWERful Workout

August 21st, 2013|Endurance, Group Fitness, Hybrid, Personal Training, Sports Performance|Comments Off on A POWERful Workout

We are very excited to be the first facility in St. Louis to offer classes on the new Spinner Blade Ion and instructors certified to teach power training. The newest equipment and technology in Spinning will take our Cycling Program to the next level with accurate feedback about your power output. The Blade Spinners will be here the first week of September and we are bringing in Angie Sturtevant, Power Specialist Master Instructor, for a day-long intensive training to teach our cycling staff all about our new bikes and power meters.

VIDEO: POWERful Training

Everything you know and love about Indoor Cycling will be enhanced with the addition of the power meters. If you’ve never truly measured your effort in class, you will be amazed by how it enhances your training. Our instructors will still bring the same energy, intensity and creativity to their classes now with the ability to guide you more efficiently. NutriFormance is dedicated to providing intelligent, results driven programs. Whether your goals are cardiovascular health, weight loss, endurance training or sports performance, you will benefit from our upgraded cycling program.

20 08, 2013

Fat Loss not Weight Loss

August 20th, 2013|Nutrition|Comments Off on Fat Loss not Weight Loss

Changing our mindset or our behaviors is very difficult.  Especially when we are speaking of changing our eating habits.  Most people start a “diet” (forbidden word) or healthy eating plan to lose weight. However, what you really want is fat loss.

Diets that severely restrict caloric intake may offer results, but they trigger a “starvation response” in which the body slows down its metabolic rate to conserve energy.  Once the goal weight is reached and normal eating resumes, the body gains weight even faster because it requires fewer calories just to maintain normal body functions.

In addition, rapid weight loss results in the loss of large amounts of glycogen, water, minerals, and muscle and organ protein.  These undesirable losses of lean body mass are coupled with only minimal losses in fat.

So, when you are ready to make a change for your health. Make sure you seek out a certified and licensed professional to guide you through your changes. And, in addition to using the scale as a measurement tool, have your body fat percentage taken as well.

6 08, 2013

Why Do I Get These "Knots"?

August 6th, 2013|Massage|1 Comment

Why do I get these “knots”?

Many of us complain on the daily basis of these awful, sometimes painful, spots we have in our muscles. So, what exactly are those knots and how do I get rid of them? In the massage therapy field, a knot is known as trigger point which is a hyper-irritable spot in the body. Based off where these knots are located, they can refer pain throughout the body.

For instance, after pregnancy, due to the changes in the woman’s body, they develop trigger points on a muscle called the piraformis muscle, which is responsible for turning the hip outward. Due to where this muscle is, it compresses on a nerve called your sciatic nerve, and then that person develops what is called Piraformis Syndrome or Sciatica.

So, when you overuse a muscle, you create these areas of tension within the muscle which if not flushed out and lengthening the muscle correctly through stretching, fluid filled with various toxins gets trapped. When caught in the area of the body for too long and it starts to harden. Try it out. Feel around your body and see if you can feel areas that are harder or softer than others. The softer ones just haven’t been there for as long as others.

Typically if you are getting these Trigger Points regularly then you have created muscle memory within the muscles to overwork no matter how much you stretch. This is how you know it’s time to see a massage therapist. The massage therapist will teach your muscles when to relax and when to contract. This is a great additional add on to a training session with muscle building and your stretching routine!

For more information or to schedule a massage with one of our therapists, please call us at 314-432-6103 or contact Therese Ippolito at


6 08, 2013

Eat Clean, Train Dirty

August 6th, 2013|Fitness n' Fuel, Personal Training|Comments Off on Eat Clean, Train Dirty

As summer winds down, we want to take every opportunity to enjoy the outdoors before winter! Emily Bailey and Kim Wallis show you a “playground circuit” and share tips on eating organic.

Our playground workout is very versatile and can be modified to any fitness level. The 4 mini circuits can be repeated 2-3 times for an intense total body workout, or pick and choose the stations and exercises to fit your needs! We recommend 10 reps of each exercise (10 each side if unilateral).

Watch the video for demos and nutrition tips! The exercises are listed below.

Eat Clean, Train Dirty – playground circuit

Station 1: Swings

  • push up-crunch
  • pistol squats
  • forearm plank pike
  • balance lunge

Station 2: Monkey Bars

  • monkey swings
  • jump squat tap
  • hanging knee raises
  • pull ups

Station 3: Slide

  • Single leg ladder climb
  • decline sit ups
  • single leg hip bridges
  • lateral slide jump over

Station 4: bench

  • uneven squats
  • push up/tricep dip flip
  • calf raises
  • toe taps

Enjoy the rest of your summer! Check back for a new workout and more nutrition tips in September!


1 08, 2013

Just because it's organic……..

August 1st, 2013|Nutrition|3 Comments

We all want to eat what is healthy for us.  However, eating healthfully and eating for a healthy weight may not be in the same ballpark. An organic cookie is still a cookie.  When choosing to eat healthy or organic do not forget about moderation and portion size!

Here are some tips on eating organic.

To be cost effective:

  • Try buying the store brands versus name brands of organic products
  • Start with the products that you consume most often
  • Check out your local farmer’s markets.  What’s in season is always more cost effective and has better quality nutrients and taste.
  • Choose to buy organic for produce that carry more pesticides and for dairy or protein products.  You cannot wash those items.

Here is the list of the worst (#1) to the best (#43).  The worst meaning it contains the most pesticide residue after washing in conventional farming.

1.   Peaches

2.   Apples

3.   Sweet Bell Peppers

4.   Celery

5.   Nectarines

6.   Strawberries

7.   Cherries

8.   Pears

9.   Imported Grapes

10. Spinach

11. Lettuce

12. Potatoes

13. Carrots

14. Green Beans

15. Hot Peppers

16. Cucumbers

17. Raspberries

18. Plums

19. Grapes- Domestic

20. Oranges

21. Grapefruit

22. Tangerines

23. Mushrooms

24. Cantaloupe

25. Honeydew Melon

26. Tomatoes

27. Sweet Potatoes

28. Watermelon

29. Winter Squash

30. Cauliflower

31. Blueberries

32. Papaya

33. Broccoli

34. Cabbage

35. Bananas

36. Kiwi

37. Sweet Peas – frozen

38. Asparagus

39. Mango

40. Pineapples

41. Sweet corn – frozen

42. Avocado

43. Onions