1. Dehydration – lack of fluids is often misconstrued as hunger.  Stay hydrated.

2. Lack of Sleep – if you don’t get enough energy from sleep where does our body want energy from?…… Food!

3. Refined carbohydrates – they are digested quickly and therefore leave us hungry shortly after eating them.  At least pair it with a protein or fat and shoot for whole grains most of the time.

4. Alcohol – lowers blood sugar = makes us hungrier.  Hydrate while consuming alcohol

5. Sodium/MSG – causes a hydration shift in the body. Consume natural foods and add flavor with spices and herbs

6. Crunchy Snack Foods – they are made to make us want more.  The body often doesn’t sense that we ate them because they are dissolved in our mouth very quickly. Therefore, leaving us more hungry and wanting more.

7. Artificial Sweeteners – typically do not have energy (calories or nutrients) coming in with them.  This can result in blood sugar being lower and we will want to eat more.

8. Skipping meals – the longer you go without eating, the more likely you are to overeat.

9. Caffeine – short-term can suppress appetite but overall lowers blood sugar and we want to eat more.  Again hydrate and eat consistently

10. Dieting – under consuming what our body needs overall will put your body into starvation mode. Not to mention the depravation you feel.  Eat healthy, watch your portions and be active. Do not diet!.